Comment se créer son menu sexuel

How to create your sexual menu

When it comes to choosing at a restaurant, some of us feel a well-known anxiety: that of making the wrong choice . At times like these, it can be tempting to blame the waiter for not giving bette...
Comment parler de sexe dans son couple
sexualité positive

How to talk about sex in your relationship

Regardless of the type of relationship we have with our partner, we tend to believe that if the current is going, our sex life will necessarily be passionate. Spoiler alert : the less we talk abo...
Comment consommer de la pornographie de manière éthique ?

How to consume pornography in an ethical way?

Whether we like it or not, the porn industry is ultra-lucrative and strongly influences the way we construct our sexuality. Some people consider porn as evil incarnate capable of corrupting the i...
En finir avec le mythe de la virginité
sexualité positive

Ending the myth of virginity

Associated with the notion of moral purity in many cultures, virginity is actually much more than a story of a torn hymen . In this article, Powerful chooses to shed light on the myths surroundi...
5 livres jeunesses pour aborder sereinement la sexualité et le consentement
sexualité positive

5 children's books to serenely approach sexuality and consent

Children's books are real gold mines for parents who find themselves helpless in the face of all the questions their children have. Stories open children up to the world and society . However, ev...
5 idées cadeaux 100 % self love

5 100% self-love gift ideas

The days of unintended gifts that end up gathering dust on a shelf are over. Today, we want to offer meaning, values ​​and pleasure . Yet the choice is so vast that we have a hard time finding th...
Nouvelle expérience au lit pour pimenter la vie sexuelle de votre couple

New experience in bed to spice up your couple's sex life

The progressive installation of routine in sexual practices is a situation that almost all couples go through after a few years. The flames of initially mutually shared passion begin to die down...
Qu'est-ce que la charge sexuelle ?
sexualité positive

What is sexual charge?

Démystifier les idées reçues sur la masturbation féminine

Demystifying myths about female masturbation

One of the only certainties we have about female sexuality is that it is shrouded in a great cloak of taboos . From a very young age, we are taught that masturbation is a male activity , that it...
Les bonnes nouvelles de la sexualité
sexualité positive

The good news about sex

As summer is in full swing, we wanted to give you a good dose of good news. No guide to female masturbation or exploring your pleasure this week, but a selection of good sex news. Let's go for a sh...
4 podcasts pour décomplexer la sexualité féminine

4 podcasts to decomplex female sexuality

Summer is the perfect time to slow down and take the time to build your G culture as well as your Q culture . For a decade, the word has been released around the sexual well-being of women , and th...
3 manières de travailler son estime sexuelle

3 Ways to Work on Your Sexual Esteem - wikiHow

Higher sexual esteem makes us more adventurous, more fulfilled , and more willing to ride the wave of pleasure . In this article, we tell you a little more about sexual self-confidence and we give...
Sexualité, règles, beauté : 4 livres pour se sentir Puissante

Sexuality, periods, beauty: 4 books to feel Powerful

At Puissant, we want to make our blog and our newsletters a space of resources to dismantle taboos and learn to leave each other alone. This involves writing articles, popularizing concepts, but a...
Comprendre le lien entre stress et libido

Understand the link between stress and libido

Having become the backdrop to an ever faster, ever busier and more productive daily life , stress is considered the evil of the century. Recognized as being the cause of many physical and mental il...
Différence entre vagin et vulve : les mystères de l'anatomie féminine

Difference between vagina and vulva: the mysteries of female anatomy

Spoiler: the vagina and the vulva are not interchangeable terms, but two distinct body parts . Don't panic, we've all been guilty of confusing it out of ignorance or convenience . Today, many initi...
3 manières de s'essayer au slow sex

3 Ways to Try Slow Sex - wikiHow

What if we exchanged the injunction to performance for more gentleness, more slowness and more intention? This is what the slow movement offers. First appearing in the kitchen with slow food, this...
Sexualité positive : c'est quoi, comment la pratiquer au quotidien ?

Positive sexuality: what is it, how to practice it on a daily basis?

Positive sexuality ? No more taboos! Although the floor is free, the exchanges on the reports generally fall into two categories. The first based on performance . The second on the problems encount...

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