Comprendre nos hormones tout au long du cycle menstruel

Understanding our hormones throughout the menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle is much more than a few days of periods . It's a veritable ballet of hormones and micrometamorphoses of the body. Looking at how the body works allows us to better understand...
5 livres sur les règles pour comprendre son cycle menstruel

5 books on periods to understand your menstrual cycle

Like everything traditionally about femininity, periods have their share of myths and misconceptions . Beyond blood, it is also contraception, mood swings, fertility or even the ravages of preme...
Suivre son cycle menstruel pour retrouver sa puissance

Follow your menstrual cycle to regain your potency

Whether we want to get pregnant or not , our cycle gives us valuable information about our energy level, our health and our functioning . It's much more reliable and accurate than a magazine horo...
Sexualité, règles, beauté : 4 livres pour se sentir Puissante

Sexuality, periods, beauty: 4 books to feel Powerful

At Puissant, we want to make our blog and our newsletters a space of resources to dismantle taboos and learn to leave each other alone. This involves writing articles, popularizing concepts, but a...
Masturbation pendant les règles : un moyen pour surmonter les douleurs
masturbation féminine

Masturbation during menstruation: a way to overcome pain

Menstruation, for many women, results in pain and discomfort. Also called dysmenorrhea, these pains are accompanied by other uncomfortable symptoms. In order to alleviate them, some women take drug...
Comment le cycle menstruel influence la libido

How the Menstrual Cycle Influences Libido

A multitude of factors influence libido, one part is hormonal while the other depends on the context. Hormones naturally impact libido , as their purpose is to prepare the body for childbearing. U...
Pourquoi se masturber pendant les règles
masturbation féminine

Why masturbate during menstruation

In France, female masturbation is still associated with many taboos , associating it with menstruation then seems to cast a shadow of double shame on the practice of masturbation during menstruatio...
Faire l'amour pendant les règles : bye bye les idées reçues

Making love during menstruation: bye bye received ideas

Menstruation is still a very taboo subject in our society. Heir to centuries of stigma , menstruation is often seen as dirty and shameful . As proof: in the wonderful world of sanitary protection, ...

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