Massage des seins : Tout ce que vous devez savoir 🌸

Breast massage: Everything you need to know 🌸

Massages are not limited to backs and shoulders. Breast massages , when performed correctly, can provide a range of benefits for your health and well-being. Let’s dive into this sweet and health...
L'art du Queening : entre plaisir féminin et lâcher prise

The art of Queening: between feminine pleasure and letting go

Let us dive into a practice that is often little known, but which deserves our full attention: queening , also called face sitting . In Shakespeare's language, "to queen" literally means "to reig...
Tour d'horizon des zones érogènes

Overview of erogenous zones

At Puissante, we are convinced that breaking the taboos around sexuality requires affirming its pleasure and therefore exploring it. One of the keys to a fun-filled sex life is to discover your f...
Découvrir les bienfaits des caresses intimes : Guide pour les femmes 🌸

Discover the benefits of intimate caresses: Guide for women 🌸

I. Introduction Welcome, ladies, to an open and non-judgmental discussion on a subject as sweet as it is mysterious: female intimacy. 🌺 Intimacy is this unique, private and deep relationship...
Le périnée, ce muscle méconnu du plaisir

The perineum, this little-known muscle of pleasure

And if the physical intensity of our pleasure depends on a muscular triangle still too little known ? The perineum plays a major role in our orgasms and yet we often have to wait for its postpart...
Optimiser votre vie privée : Meilleurs conseils pour l'utilisation de sex toys 🎉

Maximizing your privacy: Top tips for using sex toys 🎉

Are you ready to discover something exciting and maybe a little daring? We'll talk about how we can enrich our sex life , add a spark to our intimacy, and explore our pleasure in new and in...
3 exercices de respiration pour plus de plaisir

3 breathing exercises for more pleasure

If you have ever taken a first step into the world of relaxation, meditation or yoga, you know that the breath is our vital impetus . Breathing connects the body and the mind . It plays a crucial...
Savoir choisir son premier vibromasseur en fonction de ses préférences

Knowing how to choose your first vibrator according to your preferences

Want to add a little something new to your sex life but don't know where to start? No problem, we are here to guide you! In this article, we will demystify the first purchase of a vibrator ....
Comment bien se doigter ? Guide pratique pour une exploration intime et sécurisée

How to finger well? Practical guide for an intimate and safe exploration

It's time to talk about a somewhat taboo but yet very important subject: self-exploration and, more specifically, how to finger yourself well . Knowing your body is essential to having a fulfil...
Notre guide ultime de la masturbation féminine

Our ultimate guide to female masturbation

What better way to start the conversation around female pleasure than by sharing our female masturbation guide with you? Because it is normal to treat yourself to pleasure outside the couple, ...
Utiliser un vibromasseur en couple

Using a vibrator as a couple

Using a vibrator for couples can be very interesting in order to experience sex differently, to discover a new type of pleasure and new sensations to share as a duo! But this subject can turn ou...
L'excitation féminine : comprendre et stimuler le désir ?

Female excitement: understanding and stimulating desire?

Ladies, let's talk today about a subject that concerns us all: female arousal . Excitement is what makes us want to take action and experience intense moments of pleasure. In this articl...
Comment consommer de la pornographie de manière éthique ?

How to consume pornography in an ethical way?

Whether we like it or not, the porn industry is ultra-lucrative and strongly influences the way we construct our sexuality. Some people consider porn as evil incarnate capable of corrupting the i...
Intensifier son plaisir grâce au shallowing

Intensify your pleasure thanks to shallowing

Although it is by no means an obligation, orgasm is a delicious part of our sexuality. However, the classic penetration and its deep back and forth are not always the best technique to reach seven...
Explorez de nouveaux sommets de plaisir : Comment les vibromasseurs peuvent améliorer vos orgasmes

Explore New Heights of Pleasure: How Vibrators Can Enhance Your Orgasms

Vibrators are increasingly popular sex toys for women: they offer intense and precise stimulation, which can help to reach an orgasm more easily 😇 . However, many women are not comfortable with...
10 façons érotiques de vivre une sexualité sans pénétration

10 erotic ways to experience non-penetrative sex

Today, we are going to talk about a subject that is sometimes taboo: non-penetrative sex . You may have heard of this practice before, but perhaps you have never really explored it. Well, now is...
Comment se masturber avec un coussin ? La technique du humping

How to masturbate with a cushion? The technique of humping

How to masturbate with a cushion? 🛌 A faithful ally of sleep, the cushion is not only useful when you are in the arms of Morpheus. For decades, its use as an object of masturbation has belonge...
Avec quoi se masturber ?

What to masturbate with?

Masturbation is a practice that brings to women as well as to men, many effects such as the joy of living, balance and a wonderful health of body and mind. 👌 If you think this practice is lonel...
Masturbation : les positions à connaître

Masturbation: the positions to know

Masturbation, once heavily taboo, is increasingly recognized as a beneficial practice, given its many health benefits. For it to be more beneficial, don't be content with knowing only one mastur...
Plaisir féminin : quels accessoires utiliser ?

Female pleasure: what accessories to use?

Alone or with a partner, we need to enjoy ourselves as much as possible. For masturbation sessions or during sexual intercourse, there are a multitude of accessories that can increase female aro...
Pornographie dans le couple : bonne ou mauvaise idée ?

Pornography in the couple: good or bad idea?

Long remained a taboo subject and considered obscene, pornography for several decades has taken on an enormous dimension, especially with the advent of the web. Its consumption is on the rise. P...
Nouvelle expérience au lit pour pimenter la vie sexuelle de votre couple

New experience in bed to spice up your couple's sex life

The progressive installation of routine in sexual practices is a situation that almost all couples go through after a few years. The flames of initially mutually shared passion begin to die down...
Avoir un orgasme vaginal ou clitoridien, existe-t-il une différence ?

Having a vaginal or clitoral orgasm, is there a difference?

The vaginal and/or clitoral orgasm is the subject of much debate and this is not likely to change. Indeed, this is due to the mystery that remains around the woman's sex and its components unlik...
Dyspareunie : on explique les douleurs lors des rapports sexuels

Dyspareunia: we explain the pain during sexual intercourse

Dyspareunia: definition Dyspareunia is pain felt in women or men during sexual intercourse. However, dyspareunia is a medical term that is more commonly used to refer to pain during sexual inter...
Atteindre l'orgasme en stimulant son clitoris : conseils et pratiques

Achieve orgasm by stimulating your clitoris: advice and practices

The clitoris is considered par excellence as the organ of female pleasure . By stimulating it, they reach the pleasure called orgasm . A practice that allows you to have a fulfilling and compl...
Décupler son plaisir avec le edging

Increase your pleasure with edging

Sexual dissatisfaction is a real source of problems for many young couples. It is better and better managed with the advent of new sexual methods and practices. The edging which gives the soluti...
Les plus de parler de sexualité sur les réseaux sociaux

The most talked about sexuality on social networks

In France, 571 publications per minute on the internet talk about sex. The French are fond of emojis with sexual connotations, they are among the most used on social networks. There are ap...
Pourquoi avoir un vibro ?

Why have a vibrator?

The desire to explore one's body, to venture into the discovery of new pleasures, to learn how to touch oneself, to love oneself… The reasons that lead many people to buy their first vibrator ca...
L'orgasme féminin : tout savoir sur le septième ciel

The female orgasm: all about seventh heaven

Seventh heaven, climax, little death, ultimate enjoyment, our vocabulary is not outdone when it comes to qualifying the culmination of pleasure: the female orgasm . Much more than a simple physio...
4 podcasts pour décomplexer la sexualité féminine

4 podcasts to decomplex female sexuality

Summer is the perfect time to slow down and take the time to build your G culture as well as your Q culture . For a decade, the word has been released around the sexual well-being of women , and th...

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