4 femmes puissantes qui nous inspirent

4 powerful women who inspire us

You don't name a brand Puissante without taking inspiration from numerous women, both illustrious and anonymous, who have paved the way for female emancipation . Let's meet four profiles who have...
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Zoom sur  la révolution sexuelle des 60's et 70's

Focus on the sexual revolution of the 60's and 70's

What is sexual emancipation for you? Perhaps Woodstock and the Summer of Love in 1969. Or the sale of the first rabbit in 1984. Be that as it may, the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s profoun...
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De l'âge de pierre au vibro : petite histoire du sextoy

From the Stone Age to the vibrator: a short history of the sex toy

While brands are getting more and more into the field of eroticism and pleasure, series are talking about sex education and films are flirting with BDSM , we could believe that the sex toy is the...
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Sexualité, règles, beauté : 4 livres pour se sentir Puissante

Sexuality, periods, beauty: 4 books to feel Powerful

At Puissant, we want to make our blog and our newsletters a space of resources to dismantle taboos and learn to leave each other alone. This involves writing articles, popularizing concepts, but a...
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Petit histoire de la masturbation féminine

A short history of female masturbation

At Puissant, we are passionate about sexual well-being and in particular female masturbation. We defend onanism (or solitary pleasure) that is uninhibited, curious, joyful and full of power . For t...
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