La ménopause, la sécheresse vaginale et le bon lubrifiant naturel: Tout ce que vous devez savoir !

La ménopause, la sécheresse vaginale et le bon lubrifiant naturel: Tout ce que vous devez savoir !

1. Ménopause : un voyage, pas une destination La ménopause, ce n'est pas juste "un arrêt des règles". C'est une période de transition, un nouveau chapitre. Il s'agit d'une phase naturelle qui peut ...
Massage des seins : Tout ce que vous devez savoir 🌸

Breast massage: Everything you need to know 🌸

Massages are not limited to backs and shoulders. Breast massages , when performed correctly, can provide a range of benefits for your health and well-being. Let’s dive into this sweet and health...
Prendre soin de sa santé sexuelle

Taking care of your sexual health

While well-being and self-care take a growing place in our daily lives and in our news feeds, sexual health remains ignored . If not set aside entirely, sexuality education often boils down to di...
Connaissance de soi : nos outils préférés

Self-knowledge: our favorite tools

Any process of regaining your power begins with a quest for self-knowledge . Before affirming who we are, it is essential to be aware of our values, our limits and our deepest aspirations , right...
Optimiser votre vie privée : Meilleurs conseils pour l'utilisation de sex toys 🎉

Maximizing your privacy: Top tips for using sex toys 🎉

Are you ready to discover something exciting and maybe a little daring? We'll talk about how we can enrich our sex life , add a spark to our intimacy, and explore our pleasure in new and in...
La pratique du yoga pour une sexualité épanouie

The practice of yoga for a fulfilling sexuality

Arrived only a few decades ago in the West, yoga is a millennial art of living straight from India. Beyond asanas (postures), his practice advocates a connection to the body and offers moral comm...
Notre guide ultime de la masturbation féminine

Our ultimate guide to female masturbation

What better way to start the conversation around female pleasure than by sharing our female masturbation guide with you? Because it is normal to treat yourself to pleasure outside the couple, ...
Massage de la vulve : conseils et pratiques

Vulva massage: advice and practices

The vaginal area isn't just the part of your genitals that you can stimulate to please yourself. Vulva massage also has its advantages, in addition to pleasure of course. The vulva represents th...
Dire bye-bye à la rivalité féminine

Say bye-bye to female rivalry

Female rivalry is a complex phenomenon that is still pervasive in our lives. This belief that other women are an enemy to be defeated is not innate, but a social construct. To remedy this, we dec...
10 façons érotiques de vivre une sexualité sans pénétration

10 erotic ways to experience non-penetrative sex

Today, we are going to talk about a subject that is sometimes taboo: non-penetrative sex . You may have heard of this practice before, but perhaps you have never really explored it. Well, now is...
Avec quoi se masturber ?

What to masturbate with?

Masturbation is a practice that brings to women as well as to men, many effects such as the joy of living, balance and a wonderful health of body and mind. 👌 If you think this practice is lonel...
Comment pratiquer le self-care au quotidien

How to practice daily self-care

Tenir ses bonnes résolutions sans pression

Stick to good resolutions without pressure

Every January, it's the same refrain. Ads for gyms, online training and diets are invading our spaces. The time to change your life and make good resolutions has come. What ? You did not hold th...
Comment faire un bilan positif de son année

How to make a positive review of your year

The temperatures drop, Mariah Carey wakes from her sleep, the garlands invade the streets: the end of the year is here . Whether you celebrate Christmas, Yule, Hannukah or not, c and cycle compl...
Suivre son cycle menstruel pour retrouver sa puissance

Follow your menstrual cycle to regain your potency

Whether we want to get pregnant or not , our cycle gives us valuable information about our energy level, our health and our functioning . It's much more reliable and accurate than a magazine horo...
5 idées cadeaux 100 % self love

5 100% self-love gift ideas

The days of unintended gifts that end up gathering dust on a shelf are over. Today, we want to offer meaning, values ​​and pleasure . Yet the choice is so vast that we have a hard time finding th...
Dyspareunie : on explique les douleurs lors des rapports sexuels

Dyspareunia: we explain the pain during sexual intercourse

Dyspareunia: definition Dyspareunia is pain felt in women or men during sexual intercourse. However, dyspareunia is a medical term that is more commonly used to refer to pain during sexual inter...
Atteindre l'orgasme en stimulant son clitoris : conseils et pratiques

Achieve orgasm by stimulating your clitoris: advice and practices

The clitoris is considered par excellence as the organ of female pleasure . By stimulating it, they reach the pleasure called orgasm . A practice that allows you to have a fulfilling and compl...
Démystifier les idées reçues sur la masturbation féminine

Demystifying myths about female masturbation

One of the only certainties we have about female sexuality is that it is shrouded in a great cloak of taboos . From a very young age, we are taught that masturbation is a male activity , that it...
Pourquoi avoir un vibro ?

Why have a vibrator?

The desire to explore one's body, to venture into the discovery of new pleasures, to learn how to touch oneself, to love oneself… The reasons that lead many people to buy their first vibrator ca...
Réapprivoiser son corps après la ménopause

Getting back to your body after menopause

Dreaded passage in the life of a woman, menopause arrives with its share of physical and psychological upheavals . Hormonal changes and the deficiencies that accompany them can easily throw us off ...
Qu'est-ce que la libido ? Pour une défintion claire de ses facteurs et de sa baisse

What is libido? For a clear definition of its factors and its decline

Whether we're talking about lowering it or boosting it, the libido is the red thread of our sexuality . We question it, we judge it, we compare it without really being able to define it. Understand...
Comment caresser sa vulve ?

How to caress her vulva?

The vulva is the external organs of the female reproductive system . It is made up of the labia majora , labia minora , clitoris , urethra , vagina and pubis. 🌸 The stimulation of the vulva can ...
Comment prendre soin de sa vulve ?

How to take care of your vulva?

Your vulva is a part of the body that is quite fragile. Periods, sexual activities, waxing/shaving, synthetic materials… It goes through many factors that can easily deteriorate it. This is why it ...
3 manières de travailler son estime sexuelle

3 Ways to Work on Your Sexual Esteem - wikiHow

Higher sexual esteem makes us more adventurous, more fulfilled , and more willing to ride the wave of pleasure . In this article, we tell you a little more about sexual self-confidence and we give...
Le guide ultime de la lubrification vaginale

The Ultimate Guide to Vaginal Lubrication

While an erection is a very visible sign of arousal, the physical signs in women are more subtle . Vaginal lubrication is the one we know the most about. And yet, this sudden hydration in the heart...
Kiffer sa sexualité après la ménopause

Love your sexuality after menopause

Often feared as the end of sexual fulfilment , menopause is a rite of passage that can be frightening. The body changes, the libido fluctuates and the self-confidence is generally affected. However...
Femme fontaine : tout savoir de l'éjaculation féminine

Fountain woman: everything you need to know about female ejaculation

The fountain woman today is more of an urban legend than a scientific explanation. As if female ejaculation were a mystical process reserved for a handful of fairground freaks. How so ? Female sex...
Comprendre le lien entre stress et libido

Understand the link between stress and libido

Having become the backdrop to an ever faster, ever busier and more productive daily life , stress is considered the evil of the century. Recognized as being the cause of many physical and mental il...
Différence entre vagin et vulve : les mystères de l'anatomie féminine

Difference between vagina and vulva: the mysteries of female anatomy

Spoiler: the vagina and the vulva are not interchangeable terms, but two distinct body parts . Don't panic, we've all been guilty of confusing it out of ignorance or convenience . Today, many initi...

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