Sexe avec un vibromasseur : un moyen de pimenter votre vie sexuelle

Sex with a vibrator: a way to spice up your sex life

You live as a couple and everything is going well or almost. Only, the sexual life tends to take wrinkles and you feel the monotony softening the love in your daily life. That's when you wonder how to spice up your sex life . Introducing the vibrator into your life as a couple , contrary to what some people think, is not intended to overcome a weakness, to replace your partner or to serve only for masturbation. Here's how to have sex with a vibrator for a more fulfilling sexuality as a couple with new positions and new sensations.

  1. How to spice up sex life with a vibrator in your relationship
  2. What positions to adopt during sex to promote orgasm
  3. How to choose a vibrator that will please both?

How to spice up sex life by introducing the vibrator in your couple?

You must first consider the vibrator as an additional source of pleasure (and not the main one) to spice up your sexual encounters. This will only strengthen the love for your partner. It does not matter which of the 2 partners brings the idea of ​​the vibrator, it is the sexual use that you make of it to revive the desire and the pleasure of your bodies. Make sex toys in your life, catalysts of desire and creators of fantasies.

Get it into your head that with sex toys , your love relationship will last a long time. Sex toys should not substitute for the partner. They are there to spice up sexuality, sensations and love.

The use of sex toys:

  • renews the ideas of positions and sex;

  • intensifies pleasure;

  • creates complicity;

  • enhances life and sexuality.

The vibrator brings an important complementarity to the pleasure. Erogenous zones that are difficult to access can be accessed with a well-manipulated vibrator to touch, for example, one of the deeps-spots, a source of powerful orgasms in women.

The vibrator for a nice boost

When you have pleased each other with sex and exhaustion has set in at some point, the mere sight of the vibrator or the simple act of activating it can tickle the imagination and easily rekindle desire.

The vibrator allows you to vary the pleasures and awakens the libido . By allowing new discoveries, you can let your imagination run wild by creating games and staging with your vibrant partner.

The supply of lubricant for optimal use of the vibrator

To spice up the sexuality of your couple, it is necessary to put aside the received ideas about sex. Anything that can bring a plus in your sexuality should be welcome.

Sometimes, during foreplay, using the vibrator can seem abrupt if you are not sufficiently prepared. Depending on your preference ( water or oil lubricant ), gently coat the clitoral area . This brings pleasant glides during the vibrations of the sex toy on the clitoris. The feeling is more than pleasant.

What positions to adopt during sex to promote orgasm?

The positions are an important factor in the success of the sexual act and in the intensity of the orgasms. Some positions are more inspiring than others, and your partner will be more sensitive to certain positions to pay attention to. That said, there are cult positions that you should try out, especially in the company of your sex toy.

The Andromaque for an unsuspected use of the vibrator

Keep your partner stretched out, face him and straddle him. While riding him, put a vibrator between you. Several other uses of gadgets are possible. A vibrating ring around the phallus will be highly enjoyable. Still with the Andromaque, the combined action of riding and a strap-on vibrator intensifies the enjoyment for 2.

In the reverse riding position (Andromache with her back to the partner), you can use many more accessories or find other uses for the vibrator if you free yourself and let your inspiration run free.

The famous doggy style and its inexhaustible secrets

Nice advantage than that of the doggy style which makes possible the stimulation of the clitoris by a vibrator at the same time as a breast suction, and all this, during penetration. This results in an explosive orgasm. If you show imagination, you can use a special couple sex toy for simultaneous internal and external stimulation; enough to bring new blood to the traditional doggy style.

Another variant of this sex game consists, still in doggy style, of stimulating the breasts with the vibrations of the sex toy during penetration.

The 69 enhanced by a vibrator

During the execution of the 69 position a vibrator can bring a plus. Put yourself in 69, more precisely in the elongated version laterally (on the side). Alternate licks and caresses with a vibrator. Feel free to add another sex toy for the partner. In this position, each with his gadget in hand, can let spontaneous inspiration work miracles.

On the back: knees bent towards the chest

Here is a position that will bring you cumulative pleasures. In this posture, let your partner actively engage the G-spot with his right index finger while his left hand gently manipulates the vibrator in a circle around your clitoris . The large circle at the start, must narrow little by little to finally concentrate the vibrations on the clitoris.

The advantage of this position is that you will be able by its variant (knees bent and cushion at the neck, but heels flat) to make you this pleasure by yourself, as long as you know how to coordinate the movements. Indeed, the G-spot must be stimulated at a frantic pace while the clitoris needs to be pampered gently.

How to choose a vibrator that will please both?

When you decide to include a vibrator in your life as a couple, it is essential that you make the choice together , in complete complicity. It is indeed necessary to ensure that the sex toy pleases you and your partner. Example ?

Above all, a vibrating egg gives pleasure to the woman. When the man feels excited to see his partner having fun, then the vibrating egg can be beneficial to both partners. Thus, during foreplay or time spent at the beach, the man can remotely operate the vibrating egg discreetly introduced into his partner's vagina.

Another example, that of the vibrating penis ring , is a perfect choice that can satisfy both partners. Why choose it as a couple? Quite simply because by strengthening the erection of the man, it simultaneously stimulates the clitoris during penetrations.

Sex toys and the habit of varying positions feed the imagination, and sex becomes a source of life.


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