Pourquoi avoir un vibro ?

Why have a vibrator?

The desire to explore one's body, to venture into the discovery of new pleasures, to learn how to touch oneself, to love oneself… The reasons that lead many people to buy their first vibrator can be many and varied. Often, there is a kind of hesitation, the fear that a high-tech object can give us pleasure (or is it a fear of the unknown?). However, acquiring a vibrator can help in many ways.

  • Take the leap 👟
  • Self love, self confidence, sexual esteem; why masturbation makes women powerful
  • Discover new sensations
  • Choosing your first vibrator

Take the leap 👟

The whole Powerful team was present at the Delta Festival to talk about Coco, the brand… When we talk about sexuality, the subjects of conversation feed on themselves. Between the “Incredible! », the « I need one! » or the laughter at the sight of our stand, it was interesting to see the different visions that the people present had of vibrators. "I don't need that myself" (speaking of Coco), is one of the remarks to which we had the right. The acquisition of a Coco or any other vibrator is indeed not a need. It's more of a new, different thing, and that's what's nice about it! It's as if all our lives, we eat dishes from the same origin, and then, suddenly, we taste something completely different. 😋 And we're not going to lie to each other, any human, regardless of their knowledge of the body or otherwise, cannot reproduce vibration or "suction" . It is simply impossible. So in fact it's just that there is something completely different, whether we like it or not, which provides sensations not found otherwise, which has no side effects except the glow, the conf' and a feeling of total well-being. It can still be very nice to test, right?!

Especially since many women have taken time to discover their own body. Note 📝: the clitoris is the organ dedicated solely to pleasure. Composed of a glans on its external part and internal branches, our best friend is composed of at least 8,000 nerve endings. Unknown to the battalion during sex education sessions at school and in mainstream pornography , he is the great forgotten sexual intercourse for many. Yes, to know how to stimulate her clitoris, you would first have to know of its existence. 😉

However, many people claim to have known this organ by surfing on social networks such as Twitter or Instagram. “But Madam, I can't masturbate, I don't have sex, it's a boy thing” heard a teacher one day.

The first rule of masturbation is to talk about it! 💬 Taboos related to sexuality make you feel guilty and prevent teenage girls, young women and adults from enjoying solo . The first little rub on the pillow , as naturally as it comes, is quickly interrupted by shame. By discovering the clit thanks to Twitter, the questions come between girlfriends: "yeah I saw that too, but it doesn't work, it doesn't bother me" "me neither" "the female orgasm is only a caption “I give up” “I may be vaginal and not clitoral”. These last words give us shivers. No woman is either vaginal or clitoral, since female pleasure and orgasms are triggered by clitoral stimulation internally and/or externally! Differentiating the two amounts to supporting Freud's theory that only so-called "vaginal" women would be "mature".

In the shower: discover the massage mode . Wow. We don't care about prohibitions, we quickly become addicted to this shower head. But it uses way too much water; how to replace it?? Choosing a clitoral stimulator is a first step, and those allowing clitoral suction are the best possible choice in order to tickle the clitoris gently and intensely at the same time. Going from the shower head to an object can be quite scary, especially at the moment T: you end up with a sex toy in your hands and then... We don't know what we're going to do with that, yeah that scared a little. The first moments are surprising, disturbing but pleasant. Stop. We start again. Hop, that's cool. Try again. WOW wow. 🤩 We can't get enough of it.

Test and enjoy. 😉

Self love, self confidence, sexual esteem, well-being; why masturbation makes women powerful

A powerful woman means a lot of things. We immediately think of inspiring and well-known women. But ultimately, the powerful woman is you. You, who dare to be who you are, who get up every morning with your desires, your ambitions, your obligations. It is this young mother who has just given birth, this lady who is resuming her studies at 50, the one who is 70 and who has her past, her story, it is this entrepreneur, she is a single woman, a woman in couple, married, mother, alone. All women are powerful, but not all of them are aware of it.

Loving yourself is essential to living well. Self-love is what we send back to others, it's how others will appreciate us. The first will of Man, although unconscious, is to be loved by others. And that's also how we forget ourselves too easily. Linking masturbation to self-esteem has a simple reason; we make love, we love ourselves. What is more beautiful on earth than love? A woman, who has never masturbated in thirty years of life, buys a vibrator because she does not know how her body works. The opinions we receive every day speak for themselves, here is an example:

“I am very pleasantly surprised by Coco by Puissant. I learn more to discover my body and give myself moments of pleasure that belong only to me. I feel soothed and powerful after use. I gain self-confidence and fun is guaranteed!!! I love it and I recommend! »

Taking time for yourself, getting to know yourself, discovering yourself allows you to feel a deep sense of well-being with yourself. Being comfortable with yourself is the first step to being comfortable in daily life, professionally, personally... Feeling good with yourself is having confidence, it's becoming a safe person of itself, to know what one wants, in bed as in life. Because yes, knowing your body solo also means being able to get off on a duo or more. It's also learning to say NO, to know your own limits, to take care of yourself.

Discover new sensations

If you are in a relationship, nothing prevents you from masturbating ! Solo masturbation when we dedicate our intimacy to one person can be quite taboo within couples. In the same way as if you were alone, taking time for yourself by having a partner is very important to know your pleasures. These evolve throughout your life! Continuing to conquer your sensations is essential for you, and can be beneficial for your sex life together ! It will indeed be easier for you to tell your partner what can make you happy.

And a vibrator fits perfectly into your relationship with a partner ! While many men perceive vibrators as a “competitor”, this is not the case; a vibrator is more like a friend, a new partner to use alone or in pairs (or more)! Its use allows you to flourish and discover new things!

“It was so cool, I tested it alone and then with my boyfriend. Well in real life with my boyfriend it was strange, I felt that he was not super comfortable, as if there were three of us! 😅 But after getting "acquainted" with the Coco it was great! »

“For my part, I am very happy to have offered this sex toy to Madame. It allows her to have fun when I'm not there and to have fun when she wants.

What I find in my opinion very important because in "the hypocrisy of men", the woman is not supposed to do good on her own! However, every man masturbates .... Why wouldn't Madame have the right to indulge herself without us?!

In addition to two, this sex toy is just magic! It accompanies our antics to perfection 🔥

In spoon, doggy style or simply in missionary, it adapts to each of our positions.

I am very happy for Madame that she has a new toy that she can use with me or without me. I find my pleasure in knowing that I make him happy! In my opinion coco represents what love is! »

And if you decide to buy a Coco, even men can enjoy it!

" Hello everyone. I subscribed, bought, received and tried "coco", with great happiness and subtle pleasure! Of course, I did it for the pleasure of my wife, who prefers that I use it on her. Not only is this sex toy a marvel of presentation, of rare elegance in this field, very easy to use, but also and above all endowed with remarkable efficiency! It is a great pleasure to hold it and to take full advantage of it. I used it on me (glans and frenum of the penis) and I discovered unsuspected pleasures... So men can also enjoy it... »

There can be apprehension about testing Coco together and that's normal. It's easy to say to yourself that if we need a vibrator in our relationship , it's because something is finally stuck, that we're not enough for ourselves, or more. Or on the contrary, that we are going to be one of those “saucy” people on the sexual level (which, of course, are not!). In short, we can have several things that come to mind and that's normal. The idea is to try to see it differently.

Finally it's just an extra that we test once to see. It's as if we were testing a new recipe, a new dish, a new way to get to work that allows us to (re)discover a new way of making love.

Because there are a thousand and one ways to do good as a couple, the integration of Coco is just one more, and not the least!

If you want to integrate a vibrator into your life as a couple, the first rule is to talk about it with your partner! Share your desire with him before buying because communication is always the pillar of all your intimate relationships. 🙌 If you buy a vibrator intended for your intimate relationship with your partner without talking about it before, it can be tricky... Present the vibrator as a game ! Maybe he.she was already thinking about it or likes the idea! If he/she is reluctant, do not try to convince him/her, because consent is the most important thing to respect and desire cannot be negotiated! Simply explain to him why you want to acquire this type of object, what would be the benefits for your couple of integrating a vibrator into your intimate relationships. Remember that an object will never replace a human; a vibrator is a friend, a game and is very far from competing or being the enemy of anyone. 🤝

Choosing your first vibrator

Sex toys, there are thousands and hundreds. Choosing your first vibrator can be crossed by a lot of doubts and hesitation.

At Puissant, we have created Coco , which will allow you to exercise internal and external stimulation according to your desires and preferences. Equipped with ten modes for each function, it bends as you wish to adapt to your morphology and be penetrating or not. It has been specially designed to be a first sex toy since its different intensities and modes will help you take your time and discover what really gives you pleasure.

Whatever vibrator you choose, assume that the price of a sex toy between 10 and 30 euros to purchase will certainly do the trick for your pleasure… But will surely ruin your health! ⚠️ Taking care of your vulva is very important in everyday life and it is unfortunately too common to use harmful products on a daily basis. “Colored vibrators are trendy. But it can quickly turn into a gag: especially when it's apple green and it rubs off. The grass-colored crotch for a week is not glop. ( Testimonial taken from this article ) A sex toy made of medical silicone is as safe as possible. It is for this reason that Coco is made of this material! Designed with the support of experts and our community, its price is 119 euros, to enjoy with confidence and safety. ❤️ Two models are available: pink or blue! Waterproof, you can use it in your bath or shower, but also and above all clean it as carefully as possible ! 🧼

Rechargeable, after plugging it in for 1 hour for 2 hours of battery life, take the time to get to know your vibrator. Walk the vibrations on your erogenous parts, discover, excite yourself gently, then activate the suction, and in the same way, walk it on your body.

We advise you to use it with lubricant ! By putting lubricant during your sexual intercourse, whether alone or with others, the pleasure is significantly intensified, penetration or not! A water-based lubricant is the best product to adapt to all your sexual encounters without any risks! 💧


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