Masturbation : les positions à connaître

Masturbation: the positions to know

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Masturbation, once heavily taboo, is increasingly recognized as a beneficial practice, given its many health benefits. For it to be more beneficial, don't be content with knowing only one masturbation position , explore several to vary the pleasures and discover your body. What are the positions to know for a more beneficial onanism for women?

  1. The benefits of masturbation
  2. Above all else, choose the right place
  3. The ideal positions and movements for masturbating
  4. Vary the positions of masturbation with your vibrator

The benefits of masturbation

Perhaps you are one of those who have always thought that masturbation only brings pleasure? Well, know that its benefits for the body and for health are a myriad. Here are some benefits of masturbation :

Masturbation to prevent depression

Sexologists are unanimous on this, the hormones that are released during masturbation or during sexual relations , have the effect of improving the quality of good humor. It follows logically that the depression is remote.

When you ward off stress, depression is also warded off. It has been scientifically demonstrated that when you masturbate, whether you are a man or a woman, and especially when reaching orgasm, the brain secretes hormones called ''pleasure hormones'' (endorphins) which allow you to relax your whole being. Physically and psychologically, stress is evacuated and well-being sets in.

The effects of masturbation on pain

''The Journal of Sex Research'' has published a study whose conclusions attest that solitary love strengthens tolerance to pain. Moreover, masturbating until you reach orgasm alleviates migraines.

Masturbating influences sleep quality

Valérie Major, renowned sexologist, says that the orgasm brought by genital self-stimulation deeply relaxes the body. The heart rate drops, the pressure too. It is a state conducive to deep sleep. Masturbating in a good position is therefore an excellent way to fall asleep if you do not sleep easily.

Masturbating prevents the occurrence of certain cancers

Research conducted by scientists in Australia shows that when a man masturbates to orgasm, seminal fluid accumulates less in the ducts of the prostate. The risk of cancer is therefore greatly reduced.

The female orgasm resulting from masturbation or sexual intercourse, allows the production of oxytocin . This hormone protects against breast cancer because it rids women of carcinogenic free radicals.

Avoid incontinence through the power of masturbation

The pelvic floor is a set of ligaments and muscles. The practice of masturbation promotes firming and tone. This is how incontinence is kept away.

Masturbating keeps the heart healthy

Masturbation just like a classic sexual intercourse, stimulates the heart and increases the heart rate. Know in passing that the heart is a muscle that needs to be exercised, and masturbation gives it this satisfaction. In addition, enjoyment causes the rise in estrogen levels; and these hormones are known to protect the heart.

Solo fun is good for the brain

The brain is nourished and maintained by 2 substances produced by sexual stimulation:

  • the adrenaline ;

  • cortisol.

The secretion of these natural chemicals is vital for brain health.

Masturbation eases symptoms of menopause

Vanessa Forgues (sexologist) informs that according to a survey about the upheavals due to menopause, women who practice sex alone :

  • maintain a good libido ;

  • have less pain during sex;

  • take more pleasure both in making love with a partner and in stimulating themselves, sometimes without penetration.

For an easy-going menopause, it is recommended to enjoy yourself solo by varying the position of masturbation and exploring the multiple erogenous zones of the vagina.

Masturbate to boost your immune system

Sexual activity in 2 or in masturbation mode revives the immune system. Indeed, orgasm facilitates the production of white blood cells also called ''T cells''. These cells know how to penetrate tissue contaminated by various pathogens, and then self-destruct to eliminate anything that could harm human health.

On the other hand, when you cultivate a good practice of auto-erotism, the benefactions which result from it strengthen the body, the spirit and you can feel in harmony with yourself. This state of balance making no room for stress or anxiety, you can enjoy an almost permanent relaxation favorable to a robust immune system.

Above all else, choose the right place

Where is the right place to masturbate ? The answer depends first of all on you and your fantasies. While it is true that having fun alone requires above all a great intimacy with oneself, some people like to do it in places where the risk of being surprised is high. There's something exciting about it.

That said, as a general rule, the right place is necessarily the one that offers the most privacy and discretion. If you live alone then every corner of your house will suit you as long as you are safe from prying eyes.

If you live with your parents or friends, then you will have to create your private corners. How ? In your bedroom, put on music to conceal your sighs ; because yes, sighs, although they can be indiscreet at times, are important to enjoy fully. In the shower, the sound of the water will help you create isolation so you can really let go. If you like to admire yourself while enjoying, you will like it.

Nothing, however, prevents you from seeking orgasm in your garage or even in your car. Let your imagination suggest places that can spice up the fun. The advantage of sexual self-stimulation is to allow you to relieve yourself at any time.

The ideal positions and movements for masturbating

To get the most out of masturbation, you have to start making sure it doesn't become a monotonous routine. The secret ? The best positions and adequate movements.

Kneeling on his bed

After the preliminary touches , face the back of the bed and hold it with one hand to keep your balance. Lean forward, and with the second hand, hold the vibrator fixed on the mattress so as to rhythm the hip movements at your convenience. Arch the loins favoring shallow and firm penetrations. This technique helps to stimulate the G-spot . this is a great masturbation position.

In the bath, one leg out

Is the bathtub more comfortable for you than the bed? Then take a bath and lie down in the hot water. Take one leg out for better comfort. This position of masturbation allows you to pamper the clitoris tenderly. Have you considered a vibrator? A waterproof would do here .

Lying on the bed

Lying on your back with your legs bent , caress your chest, gently touching your nipples to make them stand up. Cuddle your belly and then your lower belly. Gently slide your fingers down the thighs. As the pleasure rises, grab your sex toy and vibrate the clitoris . If you wish, raise your legs and spread them nicely to slide the vibrator into your moistened vagina. With your hand, you can vary the intensity while directing the sex toy towards the erogenous zones you want.

Masturbate while standing

We often tend to believe that standing masturbation is the forte of men and that the lying position is the prerogative of women. These are only “a priori” . To have fun, audacity must be freed up so that the imagination can explore as much as possible.

How should you go about it? Start with gentle caresses on the body. Gently touch your breasts, stimulating your nipples . When you feel your breasts waking up, hold one hand on your chest to continue to titillate them while the other hand goes down to your lower abdomen.

Then touch the thighs. When the excitement begins to rise, gently attack your clitoris. The vibrator can then enter the scene to first familiarize the clitoris then, when the internal lubrication is done, you can explore your vagina.

Penetration in the standing position will give you sensations that you will painfully obtain while sitting or lying down.

Masturbate without using your hands

Get into bed , place a pillow under your pelvis, and lie on your stomach. Very slowly, move back and forth and gradually pick up the pace according to the intensity of the stimulation. It's a great way to start your day.

Masturbating while sitting on a chair

First precaution: ensure that the chair is not rough or rough. It must also be solid and offer comfort. Once these measurements are taken, spread your legs and sit on the chair. Arch your back enough to encourage the rubbing of the clitoris against the chair.

This is the time to perform movements back and forth, from bottom to top and from left to right and sometimes in combination of the 2 movements. Feel the stimulation gain momentum and let your fingers wander down the abdomen to pamper the clitoris. Slip a finger then 2 into the vagina.

By successively rubbing and penetrating , orgasm happens explosively. And if you opt for a well-tuned latex phallus, you'll give yourself chances to hit the front and rear deep-spots for bursts of orgasms.

Vary the positions of masturbation with a vibrator

It is crucial to diversify the postures of masturbation especially when you are lucky enough to have a vibrator.

Practicing onanism on all fours

As you certainly know, women are not used to self-eroticizing in this position. If some are unable to enjoy alone in this posture, they still train their body to feel sensations in this way.

On all fours, cuddle your lips and gently tickle your clitoris. When the vagina has lubricated, introduce your vibrator and enjoy.

The squatting posture for better exploration

Don't just focus on your clitoris. There are plenty of other erogenous zones to explore. The squatting position will allow you to easily stimulate the front deep-spot and the rear deep-spot which are highly sensitive erogenous zones. Note that most men are unaware of these strong enjoyment points. Others hear about it without knowing how to stimulate them. The 2 deeps-spots are located at the front and back of the cervix. If a partner can often only reach them by chance, you can however easily access these highly erogenous zones with a vibrator, especially when you are squatting.

Succeeding in your auto-eroticism sessions requires that you find a setting where you can let go completely. Not being confined to a position of masturbation is crucial for a fulfilling practice. With more freedom, you will eventually spot the positions that feel the most good to you. This is of course without forgetting the multiple sex toys that exist and from which you can derive enormous benefit. Study your living environment, and you will realize the many possibilities it offers you.

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