Orgasme mammaire : comment stimuler ses seins pour avoir du plaisir ?

Breast orgasm: how to stimulate your breasts to have pleasure?

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You might think that orgasms are something that can only happen through genital stimulation. Well, we explain to you here that no!

Women have very sensitive erogenous zones throughout their bodies . It is sometimes difficult to explore them in their entirety and discover their possibilities. The chest, for example, can be a place where you can literally take real pleasure, or even reach orgasm . Never forget that the breast orgasm is not the primary objective: to take pleasure is to take the time for yourself, without having frustration at the end.

The area located at the level of the women's chest, that is to say the nipples, is a nest of explosion of sensations. Breast orgasm can be achieved through breast stimulation: zoom 🤗

  1. The orgasm of the breasts, what is it?
  2. What sensations do you feel during a breast orgasm
  3. What are the techniques to stimulate your chest?

The orgasm of the breasts: what is it?

Following research, scientists have shown that stimulation of the breasts causes the activation of certain areas of the brain.

“Breast or nipple orgasms are definitely real,” says sex coach Maria Hubmann. “They are like an explosion of pleasure in the chest and breasts. They can even be a little confusing, due to their localized intensity in an unusual place. »

The brain considered as a sexual organ par excellence

In women as well as in men, sexual pleasure is conceived in the brain before being physically achieved. Indeed, it is in the brain that pleasure is born. This is explained by the fact that an orgasm can be achieved, whether clitoral or breast without physical touching.

You should know that when it comes to sexuality, the areas of the brain activated following the various stimulations are specific to each organ. However, after the stimulations of certain organs of pleasure, a most surprising conclusion was made. It is about the fact that certain organs of pleasure activate the same zone at the level of the brain.

Stimulating the nipples activates the same area of ​​the brain (sensory cortex) as when stimulating the clitoris or the vagina

Stimulating the nipples activates the same area of ​​the brain as when you stimulate the clitoris or the vagina . This assertion was made following certain experiments made by sexologists as well as scientists on the people of the fairer sex.

During this experiment, several women were asked to lie down in scanners. These scanners are equipped with magnetic sound to see their brain activity. They were asked to stimulate their breasts and their clitoris. This stimulation had to be done for a period of 40 seconds and they had to enjoy it.

From this experiment, scientists learned that the area of ​​the brain activated by breast stimulation is the sensory cortex . However, the most surprising thing is that this same area is activated following the stimulation of the female genitalia.

Scientists have therefore deduced that the brain of women conditions all the stimulations it receives in the same way. This discovery also makes it possible to understand the reason why the woman feels pleasure when her chest is excited.

What sensations do you feel when you have a breast orgasm?

Breast orgasms are just as intense as clitoral orgasms. However, the sensation felt during these breast orgasms differs from woman to woman. The triggers for these breast orgasms can also vary.

Moreover, the majority of women describe this orgasm as an increase (in crescendo) of desire. This desire results in an explosion of pleasure.

To tell them, the sensation felt surges throughout the body with disconcerting pressure. Which results in most cases in a majestic orgasm. Still on the same subject, some categories of women claim that the sensation felt during this type of orgasm triples during pregnancy.

Indeed, during pregnancy, female hormones undergo constant changes. These constant changes in hormones increase breast tenderness. This is the perfect time to caress the nipples.

In addition to physical pleasure, breast stimulation causes a surge of oxytocin, a brain chemical associated with feelings of love and attachment. What to feel good and healthy!

Have fun with the chest. What are the different techniques?

Put yourself in the right atmosphere

The atmosphere in which you find yourself impacts your enjoyment. You need to be relaxed. This relaxation depends on several factors (your environment, your mental predispositions, your state of health, etc.).

The environment, the place and the comfort that reign there are important.

You can dim the lighting, put candles that have a good scent to relax the atmosphere and accentuate the comfort. Daylight lighting also works and will allow you to observe yourself loving your body in a literal sense. You can also use essential oils if you have them.

Afterwards, don't forget the relaxation tool par excellence: music. Put on some soft music at a fairly low volume and relax. Create a void around you. Above all, think only of your pleasure.

Focus on your breathing starting with a breast massage

To have fun, you must first experiment. These experiments will let you know how you like the stimulation of your breasts to be. This is very important, because each of you will live this experience in a unique way.

You must therefore understand that whatever the outcome of your first attempt is only the beginning. You must therefore push, using various methods to have a better knowledge of your body.

It is generally advisable to start with a gentle massage of your chest . The most convenient position is when you find yourself “lying on your back”. Then, use essential oils, preferably scented (note: before using essential oils, please consult your doctor). They will bring you comfort while you inflict caresses on your breasts .

These different caresses can be done in several ways. You can accentuate your caresses for example on your left nipple or your right nipple, according to your desires. Use the great sensitivity of your chest to give you love.

Get your partner involved to stimulate your breasts

During the massages of your breasts, involve your partner. However, inviting your partner is the way to go as soon as you have had a thorough knowledge of what you want.

For example, you can ask him to give you breast massages using several techniques. This may involve sucking the nipples , massaging all around the nipple , etc.

As mentioned earlier in the editorial, each of you has your desires and desires. It is generally advisable to massage and caress gently, or firmer according to your preferences.

If you prefer firmness to softness, you can ask your partner to bite or pinch your nipples, for example. For this, he.she can use nipple clamps. Besides that, you can ask him to use, for example, ice or heat on your nipples. The feeling felt is simply unique.

Touching other erogenous parts along with your breasts

This technique is very intense. While you are stimulating your breasts, you can, for example , also stimulate your clitoris . However, many women fail to combine these two sensations. If you don't either, the solution is to condition your mind to focus on your nipples, more specifically, stimulation. By doing this, you will gradually establish a connection between your nipples and the word pleasure. This will make it easier for you to reach orgasm.

If you combine breast and clitoral stimulation you can experience an explosion of new sensations.

Using vibrators to amplify feelings of pleasure

The use of vibrators is not mandatory if you want to achieve ultimate ecstasy. However, they can help you with this if you use them correctly.

There are several types of vibrators , each with its own characteristics. For example, somevibrators allow you to have powerful and intense orgasms . Other vibrators give you gradual climax, allowing you to feel every vibration no matter how infirm.

Coco offers a suction part and a vibrating part , which allows suction or vibrations as you wish; stimulation of the genital tract or all other erogenous zones! Our Toupie, vibrator with only the "vibrating" part is also the perfect vibrator for this type of exercise!


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