Comment se masturber avec un objet ?

How to masturbate with an object?

Having fun isn't always as easy as you think. Even less give oneself pleasure by practicing masturbation with objects . For women, especially those who have never masturbated with an object, the first gesture can be awkward. The objective is to explore and know the pleasures of your body in a concrete way, you must know how to use a sex toy such as a vibrator to achieve this.

Exciting gestures on the clitoris, in the shower with jets of water or with your fingers, the main thing is that you listen to your body's reactions. This guide gives you all the tips and tricks to really enjoy yourself if you are using a sex toy for the first time. Focus!

  1. What are the positions to take during masturbation
  2. How to use an object to masturbate?
  3. With which household objects to masturbate? Our ideas and advice
  4. What sex toys to buy?
  5. How to choose your sex toy?

What are the positions you should take during masturbation?

For most women , masturbation is just lying on your back , using a sex toy or your fingers . However, like having sex with a partner, masturbation can take place in many positions . Here are some examples:

Lying in a bathtub or squatting in the shower

In your bathtub , run some water and immerse yourself in it. First, after lying down, put your fingers on your clitoris . Go slowly and much more surely. All you have to do is increase the rhythm of your movements as you feel pleasure. To make it easier to reach your erogenous zone, do not hesitate to raise one leg on the edge of the bathtub! 🛀

Better yet, if you prefer to do it in shower mode, use the shower head . Crouch then position the pommel on your penis and especially as close as possible to your clitoris. At this stage, let the water jet do its job. Vary the movements on your clitoris and the degree of pleasure using your fingers. You can also play with the water temperature (be careful not to burn yourself!)

Masturbate standing up

Standing masturbation is a possibility, especially with a suitable sex toy . It all starts with hugs . Touch yourself as much as possible, with caresses ( breasts , upper and inner thighs, lower abdomen, etc.) As soon as you feel pleasant sensations, you can caress your vulva in its entirety, see penetrate you if you feel like it.

This is the perfect time for your sex toy (vibrator) to kick in. Walk around and tickle the clitoris . Listen to your desires; you can stay there or decide to stimulate yourself through penetration. In this position you can feel something more than you can feel while lying down.

According to sexologists Masters & Johnson, an orgasm releases tension. To make it more intense, the "I'm almost there" phase should be extended.

For this: get closer to the pleasure, but release the pressure by touching less erogenous zones, repeating the action for as long as possible. On the agenda: an explosion of pleasure!

Lying under the duvet

To do this in this scenario, lie on your stomach . Place your pillow under your pelvis. You don't need any other objects here. Move back and forth very slowly before increasing the pace as the level of excitement increases. Nothing like a good start to your day! This is called "humping", a practice much used by women.

On your back, legs apart in the couch or couch

Once on your back, fold your legs up, lift them up and spread them wide apart. Start with hugs. Go at your own pace so you can feel the excitement. Breasts, thighs, lips, lower abdomen, don't deprive yourself of touching your erogenous zones if you feel like it. Then, give your clitoris the most beautiful sensations by using a vibrator .

If you don't have a sofa, the sofa can also do the trick. On a sofa, put yourself comfortably on your knees. Caress your clitoris. If you decide to let your fingers tenderly penetrate you, remember to lean your body forward. It's a great way to stimulate your G-spot .


To get pleasure from a seated position , opt for a fairly solid chair . But avoid the wooden ones. All you have to do is sit well. Spread your legs, go back and forth from left to right, from bottom to top.

How to use an object to masturbate: case of the vibrator

Sex being a less and less taboo subject, today we can talk about sex toys without really feeling uncomfortable. If the use of objects during sexual intercourse or masturbation is likely to maximize the pleasure felt, it is worth emphasizing everything that must be learned to use them.

The first thing to think about when deciding to use an object or objects to masturbate to is the different ways you can use them on your body.

Explore first

Test several ways to proceed, several rhythms to discover what gives you the most pleasure . It is only over the trials that you will manage to refine your technique and have more confidence in yourself.

With a vibrator, special attention is required to take pleasure. This is due to the fact that it is a manual tool. Not all bodies are alike.

Thus, depending on your body constitution, certain actions may cause irritation rather than pleasure. This is the case for example when the speed is too high. In these cases, reduce the speed and move on to another part of the body.

Try other body parts

A popular practice is for the vibrator to be applied directly to the clitoris . But this is not necessarily the case. Your sextoy may well provide you with the pleasure you seek in other parts of your anatomy. The neck, for example, is very sensitive to touch.

Touch the clitoris indirectly

Stimulating your clitoris at first is not recommended. Try to reach it indirectly by putting the vibrator above and why not on the side. You will get similar sensations. So you basically understand that it is first a question of discovering yourself. So take all your time.

Combine sex toys and fantasy

Apart from the vibrator and any other object you can masturbate with, there are fantasies . Give free rein to your fantasies, your sensual ideas . When the excitement rises, only then will the machine be able to come into action.

With which household objects to masturbate?

If you don't have one of the awesome gadgets, you can also improvise using homemade items . Because indeed, the techniques of female masturbation offer many possibilities to women who wish to give themselves pleasure in solo . You can do it with:

  • A soft chair
  • A pillow
  • A vibrating object
  • The shower head

A soft chair

A comfy chair can quickly land you upside down if you know how to go about it. Stand in front of the seat of the chair then spread your legs. Make your clitoris touch the back of the chair. All you have to do is start the back and forth. Don't forget to lay out a towel on the chair before you begin.

A pillow

Astride a pillow, move back and forth. Your clitoris will be stimulated and you will feel wonderful sensations.

You can also create a "pillow mountain", sit on it, and start circular movements, or back and forth. This will gradually increase your excitement and pamper your clitoris for your greatest pleasure!

The shower head

There's nothing like a jet of warm water to stimulate your clitoris . During your bath, let the water run and then place the showerhead under your vulva. Feel free to increase the water pressure depending on how excited you are. If you are a couple, ask your partner to help you manipulate the pommel.

The electric toothbrush

And yes ! Although it may seem unusual,

the toothbrush (or rather its vibrating handle) can be a source of pleasure. It can be used during your intimate moments, in vibration on the clitoris, or by penetration.

For this practice you can wrap your toothbrush in a clean cotton cloth, or put a condom on it by adding lubricant, it's up to you!

What sex toys to buy?

They are numerous, of several sizes and for all tastes. Here is a small list of those that you will not regret buying.

The magic wand

If you are one of those women who find it difficult to feel the excitement in the vulva, this sex toy is for you. Indeed, it is huge enough to cause intense sensations. Previously it was used for physio training.

Suction stimulators

It is a sex toy that works on the principle of micro-suction . It is so effective that it is now called the orgasm machine.

You will have understood since, the sex toy is not limited only to the vibrator. The clitoris sucker has the particularity of provoking excitement by suctions and vibrations on the clitoris. To use it, you won't have much trouble!

It's a rechargeable sex toy via a USB cable that promises you 4 hours of battery life. In addition, cleaning is quite easy. And this because of its suction capacity.

We have designed at Puissant Coco which allows suction with ten different modes; seven are for intensity, and the next three are for random modes! In addition to stimulation dedicated to the suction of the clitoris and labia, you can choose or not a penetration thanks to Coco's vibrating head. Foldable, it adapts to almost all morphologies and thus allows double stimulation if you wish!

How to choose a vibrating sex toy?

To choose your sextoy you must take into account a certain number of criteria as follows:

  • vibration;
  • ergonomics;
  • mode of use;
  • the material used for manufacturing;
  • the waterproof side;
  • autonomy;
  • the price;
  • the opinions.

You need to analyze all these aspects to make sure you buy the right gear to give you pleasure.

What are the different vibrator models that exist?

Several formats of vibrators exist for the pleasure of both women and men. These are the vibrators:

  • Classic external clitoral stimulators : Equipped with a small motor, these vibrators are perfect for discovering yourself.
  • Internal stimulators : With a more elongated shape, these vibrators are used to penetrate and stimulate the vaginal walls. They are usually vibrating with different variations and can also allow you to stimulate the G-zone.
  • Doubles called “Rabbits” : The rabbit allows both external and internal stimulation.
  • Anal orientation : if you like anal penetration, some sex toys are made for this type of use. They work for both women and men.

Your choice will be conditioned by your sexual practices, your desires and your needs in this area.

In short, remember that female masturbation offers a myriad of possibilities. If you have never tried with an object, you now have a large number of examples and situations in which you can explore your sexuality, your sensitivities.

The body is a labyrinth that you will take pleasure in discovering by practicing masturbation with an object. Remember that the most important thing is to know your body and identify the practice that makes you most comfortable.

The use of sex toys does not exclude your partner. Do not hesitate to use it in your relationship if you feel like it. It is therefore up to you to act now.


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