Comment choisir son stimulateur clitoridien ?

How to choose your clitoral stimulator?

The clitoral stimulator is one of the vibrators capable of giving intense pleasure by indirect stimulation on the clitoris. Thanks to pulsed air technology, it imitates suction. 🤗 How to choose your stimulator for intense pleasure?

What are the must-have features for a clitoral stimulator?

In general, a clitoris stimulator is equipped to work with pressure waves. The latter use air pressure to create very powerful sound stimulation pulses. 🌬 By bringing these energetic waves closer to your erectile organ (clitoris), they vibrate all the clitoral cells, but also all the nerve endings that are found in this area.

This clit stimulator feature is a must-have that introduces women to stimulation, clitoral pleasure, and another way to orgasm ; not all sex toys achieve this feat. 😳

An indirect clitoris stimulator has functionality that allows it to induce arousal and produce pleasure, without contact. You just have to hold the beak of the stimulator close to your precious organ of pleasure (clitoris), or even by placing it only on your labia (behind which hide certain nerve endings of the internal part of the clitoris), if you are sensitive enough on this area… This functionality is nowadays a must have since it is one of the best operating modes sought by enthusiasts of clitoral stimulators.

Choosing these clitoris stimulators means opting for a maximum arousal effect and taking maximum pleasure. Indeed, the sound impulses act on the entire clitoral structure and not only vaguely on the sensory nerves. This also explains the speed with which these devices (which are among the best choices of stimulators) can trigger an orgasm. 🔥

One of the essential features of a clit stimulator is the "suction mode". Some clitoris suckers with a suction effect are provided with several modes, suction being a stimulation effect that is very popular with customers. And do you know why ? Because the pleasure that comes from sucking can be described as premium, and the resulting orgasm, explosive.

You know enough now about the best features of a clitoral stimulator . But do you know what the best sex toys should ideally consist of? You will find everything on the vibrator market. Before even doing any test to hope to make the best choices of clitoris stimulators, you must know the best constituents involved in the manufacture of vibrators.

What should be the components of the stimulator? What value for money?

Some materials are really not suitable for this type of intimate device. And yet, on the sex toy market , there are products that cause blisters or infections to users. Rest assured, this is not to scare you; we're here to show you the best choices for healthy, harm-free enjoyment. ☺️

Whether it's your first vibrator test or you're a regular sex toy, it's essential that you prioritize the quality of the material of your clit stimulator . Hold it once and for good, the best material to choose for any sex toy is medical grade silicone (even if your choice isn't a premium vibrator).

Be careful though. We are talking about a specific type of silicone. Indeed, silicone should not be dangerous for the body. But how do you know if a material is? Two factors will allow you to know whether or not a material is harmful to the body:

⚠️ The porous nature of the material is an indicator that it may harbor fungi, bacteria, or other types of germs harmful to you. Thus, even microscopic pores serve as breeding grounds for pathogenic germs that cannot be dislodged, regardless of the choice of cleanser.

⚠️ The chemicals that were used to process the material. They are still involved in the development of the materials used to manufacture sex toys. You must therefore ensure that the chemicals used are tolerable by the body. Phthalates are an example of a chemical that makes up inexpensive enhancers. Avoid them, just as you should avoid vibrators made with elements containing glycerin.

If glycerin is a component that causes infections , there is much worse: rubber and latex, which are used just like PVC plastic, all have a more or less high porosity. The best vibrating sex toys (waterproof or not) do not contain it.

So, choosing a clitoris stimulator made of non-porous silicone is a good choice. Silicone can be produced with a higher or lower density. Texture and color may vary as well. In addition to being reassuring, silicone tolerates any kind of lubricant . But what value for money?

The price of a waterproof vibrator or any premium sex toy can put a buyer off. Does your own pleasure have a price? He couldn't have one. So, you will generally have to choose between a premium stimulator that guarantees you pleasure in complete safety, and a low-cost sex toy for a mediocre result.

At Puissant, if we chose medical silicone to manufacture Coco, it is because it is a material that respects the mucosa of the vagina and vulva. It is also made of ABS plastic (inside), which offers good resistance to your vibro ❤️ The quality of these materials is excellent and they do not contain allergens. Vibrator and clitoris sucker, Coco allows you to vary between 7 different intensities and three random modes for each part, which can be used together or separately!

Keep in mind that cheap stimulators are often made of high porosity materials and harmful chemicals. Some of these poor quality sex toys can cause blisters or cause bleeding, even without having been used in direct contact.

Do you want fun in peace? Start by running away from the low end. Treat yourself to a suction stimulator produced in safe , phthalate- and BPA- free silicone . If you opt for a model with multi-pressure mode and dual functionality (suction-vibration), you could pay around 120 €.

Clitoral or vaginal stimulator?

This is a question that deserves attention. Many beliefs constructed by history lead one to think that “women are mostly clitoral”. That is to say that women would enjoy more easily by the excitement of the clitoris. And in fact ! Even orgasms and pleasure from internal stimulation flow from the clitoris. 😁 It is therefore a mistake to define and differentiate between "clitoral" and "vaginal" women, since all female orgasms are caused by the clitoris . The latter is indeed stimulable from the vagina, since it is not limited to being an acorn; it is an erectile organ that can reach 10 cm on its internal part! How to reach the clitoris from the vagina? 🤔 The " G-spot " is actually the part of the vagina that stimulates the clitoris through penetration. 👍

With clitoral stimulation (via fingers or a vibrator like Coco ), you can find out what really gives you pleasure. Coco simultaneously stimulates the clitoris and the G-spot!

How to use your clit stimulator?

Using your clit stimulator well means first knowing how it works. When you have just acquired your pleasure distributor, it is tempting to jump on it. Patience ! First read the instruction manual carefully. This will allow you a quick and correct handling of your vibrator.

Proper use of your vibrator will guarantee its durability. Respect the rules of hygiene and the advice of the manufacturers. It is important to feel your way through the different modes, to find what will give vibrations to your whole being. 💥

Techniques of use

To provide you with maximum pleasure, requires that you know a few techniques.

The best positions to enjoy your clit stimulator

The advantage of a clit stimulator is that you don't necessarily need the presence of a partner. Here are some postures to have a good time with your sex toy:

  • Sitting on your chair, one leg resting on the table opposite, grab your sex toy and have fun. A variation of this posture is to put both legs on the table.
  • Comfortably seated in the bathtub, hang one of your legs on the edge. Make sure the water temperature suits you and that the stimulator is waterproof . For this purpose, you can get a waterproof sex toy with a good battery life (like Coco 😉).
  • Kneel on the bed facing the backrest, maintain your balance with one hand, and with the other, hold your stimulator tenderly to explore your clit .
  • Stand up, one foot on the chair as if you were going to put ointment on your leg; but forget the ointment, coat the clitoral area with your favorite lubricant, and pamper your pink button.
  • Or simply, make yourself comfortable in your bed, lying on your back or on your stomach!

All you need is a little imagination to find positions conducive to intense excitement.

Alone or with others?

Your pleasure ally can intervene in your antics with your partner. Do you know the “secret hiding place posture”? Put yourself on your stomach with, under the pelvis, a cushion that gives height to your buttocks. Hide your stimulator between your clitoris and the pillow .

While your partner provides joyous penetration, the clitoris stimulator does what it does best. This ride for 3 will please you a lot.


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