3 (vrais) conseils pour rebooster sa libido

3 (real) tips to boost your libido

A low libido is never a good time to experience. It often arrives accompanied by doubts and questions. When researching "how to boost your libido", we come across everything and its opposite in terms of advice. Between grandmothers' recipes and sex gurus, it's hard to find your way around. So, we forget the dubious advice of women's magazines and other influencers who recommend that we tan our perineum or practice the vagina sauna! Because the libido is influenced by a multitude of factors, we do not promise you a miracle cure, but rather some avenues of work. Let's go !

What is libido?

If we had to define the libido in a few words, we would speak of sexual appetite . The term was borrowed by Freud from Latin to designate a sexual drive.

Influenced by many causes, libido fluctuates throughout life . These factors intersect and overlap, which complicates the understanding of a decrease in libido when it occurs. 📉

The fall of desire can be caused by turbulence in the relationship, poor mental health or even a fragile physical form.

In women, the variations in hormone production during the month, after pregnancy or during menopause can put big spokes in the wheels of your sexual fulfillment.

To learn more about the subject, we recommend this article which offers a complete definition of libido. Now let's see some real tips to boost his desire when he's missing.

1. Better communicate your desires

Although completely normal, the decline in desire is still taboo. We sometimes prefer to force the pleasure rather than take the time to verbalize what is happening.

In our society that puts performance on a pedestal , it is common to feel shame or guilt when the libido disappears. The old catchphrase of " I'm not enough" then rejoices to invade our thoughts once again.

Communicating with your partner is an excellent antidote to isolation when faced with a low libido.

Opening the dialogue makes it possible both to find solutions for two , to reassure a partner who could feel neglected and to transform this problem into a common stage of life. High five! ✋

Maybe rethinking your intimate moments by getting out of the routine is a response to the decrease in sexual appetite? Trying new positions, changing places, integrating sex toys or bringing more sensuality into your antics can be enough to make your desire skyrocket.

2. Manage stress and anxiety to boost libido

As we know, stress has a knack for invading all areas of daily life. Our sex life is unfortunately not left out.

Understanding the causes of your anxiety and finding solutions to live it better on a daily basis is the key to a more fulfilling sex life.

Learning to manage stress takes time. It often takes self-discovery and often testing different approaches before finding what works. This is why it is essential to give yourself time and compassion during this process. 💖

Of course, meditation, breath, good sleep and regular sports activity are the bases of good stress management. But living more peacefully can also mean sorting out your relationships, setting limits in the context of your work, better distributing tasks with loved ones or giving more time to activities that make you happy.

There are as many ways of as profiles. Do not hesitate to be accompanied by a psychologist, coach, therapist if you feel the need. It will only be good for your libido!

3. Explore your desire solo

Some articles recommend stopping masturbation because it will exhaust the level of sexual desire. We imagine very well the desire as a gauge of the Sims which would be emptied and filled throughout the day. But isn't it a bit more complex than that? 🤔

At Puissant, we fervently defend the exploration of pleasure. We are convinced that this discovery of oneself and one's intimacy is the key to self-love.

Taking the time to masturbate with your fingers or with your favorite vibrator can be a way to reconnect with your pleasure.

By leaving the context of the relationship to several, you can see what you like or not, to observe your feelings and your reactions .

Taking a solo break is also an opportunity to test new things that spice up our sexuality , but that we want to keep secret for the moment. 🔥

We hope that these few tips for boosting your libido have opened your eyes to the different approaches available to you. Remember that it is normal for our sexual appetite to fluctuate throughout the day, month and even our lifetime. This is why you are strongly encouraged to offer yourself benevolence and patience with your desire. If you want to discover new ways to stimulate her through readings or audios, this is it!


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